Campagne de Recrutement chez Huawei

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Campagne de Recrutement chez Huawei pour les profils suivants:

-EBG FSI Executive Account Representative.
-IP Advisory Product Manager.
-EBG mining sales director.
-Wireless Network Planning & Optimization expert.
-Sales Manager For Orange Account.
-Sales Manager.
-HBB Marketing Expert.
-Wireless Product Manager.
-IT solution manager.
-Country Cyber Security & Privacy Officer.
-IP Engineer.
-Transmission Engineer.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. est une entreprise fondée en 1987, dont le siège social se trouve à Shenzhen en Chine et qui fournit des solutions dans le secteur des technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC).

Le métier historique de Huawei est la fourniture de réseaux de télécommunication aux opérateurs: l’entreprise fournit des matériels, des logiciels et des prestations de services pour les réseaux de télécommunications des opérateurs et les réseaux informatiques des entreprises.

Aujourd’hui, Huawei est un fournisseur de solutions numériques en terminaux, réseaux et cloud, pour les opérateurs, entreprises et consommateurs. Ses produits et solutions sont déployés dans plus de 170 pays.

Campagne de Recrutement chez

EBG FSI Executive Account Representative

  Position responsibility?

-Serve top customers in the financial industry (such as AWB and BCP), explore project opportunities in cloud computing, Datacom, and storage products, and jointly create innovation and application of financial technologies with customers.

-Develop the customer’s overall sales strategy and plan, detail the specific action plan and execution, and finally achieve the sales target and task.

-Deepen, solid, and strengthen the relationship with customers, especially IT procurement decision-makers.

-Based on customer requirements, issues, and requirements, promote and coordinate internal and external resources to resolve customer issues in a timely manner, and promote project completion and implementation.

-Provide constructive development suggestions based on customer characteristics, systematically summarize user requirements and various auxiliary information, and assist the team in developing complete and replicable industry solutions.

Professional Knowledge?

-Have a basic command of the architecture and technical implementation of cloud computing IaaS. Have solid IT technical expertise in related fields, including IaaS-related virtualization technologies, network, distributed storage, and load balancing. Have general knowledge of the IT infrastructure of large financial customers (such as the geo-redundant data center, active-active, and DR solution design).

-Have general knowledge of PaaS-related services, such as micro service architecture, containers, and relational database technologies.

-Be familiar with the architecture of core banking application systems. Be able to innovate financial technologies based on banking business development and cloud computing. Be capable of business communication.

Work Experience: + 10 years

Business Skill?

Have at least five years of experience in developing large customers in the financial industry, familiar with the internal organizational structure of key customers, have deep relationships with them, and have a good reputation with customers. Working experience in IT top venders(Cisco/Dell EMC/IBM etc) or their top integrators is preferred.

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IP Advisory Product Manager

Responsibility Description:

-Design the datacom network solution and guide the customer. 

-Communicate with the customer about datacom products and answer the bid. 

-Analyze and gain insights into the live network structure and network problems, and output the network evaluation report and customized solution. 

-Handles IP-related problems of other products. 

-Communicates and coordinates with customers. 

Professional knowledge?

-Be familiar with large-and medium-sized IP network architecture and common protocols;

-Be familiar with the IP RAN and IP core networking and solutions;

-Understand customers’ intentions and be good at communication;

-Pre-sales experience related to routers is preferred. Implementation experience related to routers on the live network is a bonus item. 

Business Skill?

-Be familiar with common datacom protocols, including MPLS, VPN, BGP, OSPF, VPLS, BFD, and firewall;

-Able to work under pressure and coordinate with related departments;

-Active, self-motivated and self-confident work;

-Ability to use English and French as working languages.

Qualification skills:

CCNP/HCIP, CCIE/HCIE is preference.

Work Experience: 3 years+

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EBG mining sales director

Position responsibility?

-Market insight of Mining industry in Morocco, and support the strategy planning;

-Engage director level customers, be responsible for customer relationship, discover and guide sales opportunities;

-Survey and manage the customers ‘requirements, and make corresponding sales strategy;

-Develop partners in mining industry and build ecosystem.

Professional Knowledge?

-More than 5 years’experience in Mining industry, rich knowledge of Mining exploration and production with ICT technology background; Work in Mining industry (from famous Mining companies e.g OCP, or big IT vendor or their Top integrators)

-Know Morocco Key IT ecosystem, including IT vendor and their integrators;

-Familiar with consultant project procedure, participate in consultant projects before;

-Lead digital transformation projects for international or national Mining companies;

Work Experience: +10 years

Business Skill?

-Deep understanding of Mining business, can have high level communication with director and above customers;

-Good document preparation and presentation capability;

-familiar with project bidding procedure, and have good relationship with industry mainstream players.

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Wireless Network Planning & Optimization expert

  Position responsibility

-As a wireless network planning and optimization expert, communicate with the customer’s CTO and wireless director to establish a wireless network quality and user experience standard system.

-Coordinate with Huawei wireless product , engineering network optimization delivery team, NPM delivery team, and CEM SOC operation team, to support Huawei account in developing wireless, NPM, and CEM projects.

-Improve the wireless network quality and user experience.

-Corresponding customers: wireless director of the customer and CTO of the customer;

Professional Knowledge

-Focus on network quality and user experience, maximize network capabilities based on limited investment and precise investment, and help customers drive network quality and user experience to catch up with competitors in different dimensions.

-Be able to gain insight into the development of mobile communications services, identify the development rules and characteristics of MBB and WBB services, and be familiar with the evolution of 2G/3G (TDD/FDD) networks.

-Be able to understand and guide customers and become the advisor of CXOs on network quality and user experience.

-Be able to communicate with customers’ executives and understand CXO’s requirements on technology and business.

-Have experience in engineering network optimization delivery, NPM project delivery, and CEM SOC project operation.

-Experience in Barcelona communication exhibition is preferred.

Business Skill

-Have strong communication and expression skills, strong service awareness, and be able to endure hardships and work hard.

-Good customer service awareness, strong communication ability, and strong learning ability.

-Have the capability of problem management and risk identification.

-Have a sense of teamwork and actively cooperate with teamwork.

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Sales Manager For Orange Account

Responsibility Description:

-to develop market planning and business plan for the responsible industry.

-be responsible for strategic or core NA customer relationship development and management.

-to realize the business objectives of the responsible industry.

-to build a healthy ecosystem of industry partners.

-to formulate and implement the brand planning for the clients in the industry.

Professional knowledge?

-Knowledge of Sales.

-Knowledge of customer relationship management,

-Knowledge of pre-sales project management.

Business Skill?

-Skills in Negotiation new project.

-Skills to define new Government customers and approaching them.

Work Experience: 5 years+

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Sales Manager

Position responsibility?

-Develop and manage customer relationships.

-Achieve sales, marketing, and cash collection targets.

-Be responsible for the establishment and promotion of the company and product brand.

-The customer group is carrier customers and government customers in the local market.

Professional Knowledge?

-Customer relationship building capability: Have the capability of building and improving medium-and high-level customer relationships, successfully establish exclusive customer relationships, and influence the decision-making chain. To guide and assist in the proper handling of negative events;

-Customer requirement understanding and guidance: Be able to deeply gain insight into customer pain points and requirements, effectively present solutions, influence customer decision-making, and guide customers’ willingness to purchase.

-Project operation capability: Act as the project leader and be able to independently operate most project expansion tasks.

-Transaction management capability: Be able to participate in project negotiation and successfully handle customers’ special requirements and disagreements.

Work Experience: + 5 years

Work Location:  we are looking for 2 candidates, one in Casablanca Office and another in Rabat Office

Business Skill?            

-Knowledge of wireless, transmission, data, access, core network, software platform, IT, and service products is preferred.

-be familiar with the sales project operation process.

-Strong learning and analysis ability;

-Strong communication skills, good team sense and organization coordination skills;

-Full-time bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in communications, electronics, computer, etc.

-Ability to communicate with English smoothly and be able to use the working language.

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HBB Marketing Expert

Position responsibility?

-Insights into the broadband market and industry of the country.

-Provide guidance and suggestions on policies related to the home broadband industry.

-Provide industry policy consultation and suggestions for regulation and operators.

-Carry out corresponding market planning and industrial development planning for the country’s wide market.

Professional Knowledge?

-Have experience in formulating and consulting policies for the home broadband industry in Morocco, and have an in-depth understanding of home broadband service planning and construction in Morocco.

-Have more than 15 years of experience in the home broadband industry in Morocco and have an in-depth understanding of ADSL and FTTH construction.

-Experience in developing government laws and management measures is preferred.

-Have the ability of market insights and explore opportunities in Morocco and surrounding markets.

Work Experience: + 10 years

Business Skill?

-English can be used as the working language.

-Have the ability to write speeches and related materials in French, and be familiar with the use of Office tools.

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Wireless Product Manager

 Position responsibility?

-Understand industry trends and plan marketing activities to improve brand leadership.

-Deeply understand customer requirements, customize solutions, and grow market share.

-Optimize business models and improve project profitability.

-Solicit feedback from the market and help make product solutions more competitive.

-Engage operator customers, be responsible for customer relationships, discover and guide sales opportunities.

-Manage business negotiations, manage price and profitability, and control contract quality.

Professional Knowledge?

-Master basic technology of radio network including 2G/3G/4G/5G, a backhauling network such as Microwave.

-Be familiar with telecom network planning, solution design.

-Have a basic understanding of project PMP, bidding process and etc.

-Good documentation and presentation capability;

-Preferred if you have work experience in telecom vendors or operators already.

-Be eager to take responsibility and able to take pressure during the project period.

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IT solution manager

Position responsibility?

-Gain market insights, explore market opportunities, develop mid-and long-term sales strategies, and achieve annual sales and market targets.

-Operate sales projects, participate in technical support for key projects, and output solution planning and design.

-Promote the implementation of solutions from end to end.

-Receive and guide key customers, and promote and communicate with customers at exhibitions.

-Develop branding strategies and implement brand marketing activities based on opportunities and sales targets in the target market.

Professional Knowledge?

-More than 5 years of IT domain pre-sale solution experience

-Have a knowledge background in the IT industry, such as cloud computing, virtualization, big data, data center, and storage. Familiar with Huawei/EMC/HP/VMware or other main manufacturers of IT (Server/Storage/Cloud/HPC/VDI/Big data) related products and solutions.

-Sales basic knowledge, customer relationship management, pre-sales project management

-Customer relationship skills, Huawei HCIA/HCPP/HCIP/HCIE Certificate is preferred

Business Skill?

-Have strong learning skills and be able to quickly understand and master the professional skill

2.Proactive, clear thinking, strong analytical capability;

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Country Cyber Security & Privacy Officer

  Position responsibility?

-Insight and planning: Gain insights into local laws and regulations, understand security and privacy requirements of local governments, regulators, and customers, and local industry best practices, and develop local business budgets and plans.

2.Policy and process adaptation: Implement security and privacy policies locally, optimize local business regulations and processes, provide supervision guidance, and organize implementation.

3.Compliance and risk control: Use risk control methodologies to identify local security and privacy risks, develop and implement compliance and risk control solutions, and develop crisis contingency plans and handle emergencies.

4.Communication and trust building: Proactively identify external stakeholders, collaborate with business departments to establish a regular communication mechanism with local regulators, customers, industry, and standard organizations, and organize the implementation.

5.Organization and capability development: Build local security and privacy organizations, improve security compliance awareness, and improve professional capabilities, evaluate the capability tools provided by HQ and regions, and drive improvement.

Professional Knowledge?

-Insight and planning capability: in-depth insight into and understand local security and privacy laws and regulations as well as security and privacy requirements of local regulatory organizations

2.External communication capability: participate in external speech and presentation as a spokesperson, and effectively communicate with local regulatory authorities, industry and standards organizations, and customer organizations.

3.Connectivity and execution capabilities: mutual trust between people support the construction of mutually beneficial relationships among organizations; multiple interests can be coordinated to achieve common goals

4.Learning capability: Have self-driven learning capabilities, identify weaknesses in professional and business capabilities, and quickly make up for them through self-learning and combination of training and practice.

5.Business Understanding: Global View, Be able to grasp business rules, deeply understand ICT business or consumer business requirements, and identify and manage security and privacy risks in business.

6.Have successful experience in security and privacy of large enterprises or regulators in the ICT industry in the local country and have industry influence.

7.Extensive external communication experience (including government, media, industry, and customers)

8.Have local security and privacy industry accumulation, interpersonal connections, and industry influence

Work Experience: + 10 years

Business Skill?

-English can be used as the working language;

2.Have the ability to write speeches and related materials in French, and be familiar with the use of Office tools;

3.Successful department management experience and cross-cultural team management experience;

4.External certifications are preferred, such as CISSP/IAPP. 

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IP Engineer

job Responsibilities:

-IP network design and implement. Include hardware and service.

-New IP product integration with commercial networks.

-Commercial network issue troubleshooting.

-Support other product integration with IP network.

-Technology Communication with customers and partners.

Professional Knowledge:

-Minimum of 2 years of IP technical experience with a medium/large network., familiar with IP network structure and typical protocols;

-Must have routing AND switching experience (Very Important!).

Business Skills:

 -Knowledge of MPLS, VPN, BGP, OSPF, VPLS, BFD protocols, Firewall rules, and Best practices.

-Can work under pressure, good cooperation with related debt;

-Must be proactive, independent, self-motivated, and able to work under pressure

-Good communication skills in both English and French.

The depth and breadth of professional knowledge required for this position

professsinal qualification:

HCIP, HCIE, CCNP, CCIE is preference.

Skill requirements:

Understand routing & switching, security products, and solution

Education Background:

 Master or above,  Computer Science/Telecom Engineering

Years of Work Experience: 3+years

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Transmission Engineer

Position responsibility

-Serve as a network maintenance engineer and maintain optical network products, mainly responsible for routine maintenance, fault locating, troubleshooting, and network optimization to improve network performance and ensure network security.

-Primary owner for transmission network security and customer satisfaction of transmission products;

-Have the ability to manage problems, learn new technologies, and communicate well.

-Cooperate with the marketing department to provide pre-sales technical support and communicate with customers.

Professional Knowledge

-Have a basic command of WDM, OTN, MSTP, and SDH principles and ASON and MSTP features.

-Have strong capabilities in diagnosing and solving network problems. Be able to solve technical problems of products on the live network independently or with limited guidance through analysis and locating.

-Have experience in transport network OTN and SDH product delivery or maintenance.

-Have a good command of common functions and operation methods of NMS.

Work Experience: + 3 years

Business Skill

-Have strong and expression skills, strong service awareness, and be able to endure hardships and work hard.

-Good customer service awareness, strong communication ability, and strong learning ability.

-Have the capability of problem management and risk identification.

-Have a sense of teamwork and actively cooperate with teamwork.

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